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Kara's Birthday ^_^

DuDe, it was mah best friend Kara's 14th birthday today! We went to this wikked cool Japanese restaurant where the chefs cook in front of you. ^_^ It was so cool! I love going to those.. The whole place smells so nice =D Like ginger sauce. O.o;

We ate there with 2 of our other friends, Doris and Shiva (hi! =D) and we talked and stuff. It was so much fun just to sit there with them and all, ya know?

Our chef was so cool! He wore this big purple chef hat and a matching scarf. He called mee "little girl". O_o;;; Oh well..

I drew her the SPIFFIEST card ever. It was a stroke of pure genius! =DDDD On teh front was 'Sailor Chicken' which was a little chicklet dressed up in a sailor fuku and on the inside it read: Happy 14th Birthday, you crazy chicken, you.

How fun! ^___^
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