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Silent, Desperate Death

I don't know what's been wrong with me lately.. I've been kinda depressed for like.. no good reason. It's kinda pathetic actually. I dun like being in this..

I got into a fight with my mum and my sis too. Now it's like the whole family is caught up in this silent battle almost. Nobody's talking to eachother, and it seems that everyone is too stubborn to back down. Must run in the family, ne?

And I can't help but think that this whole fight is because of me..

And I was seriously thinking about suicide. X_x;; I doubt I would actually go through with it.. I'd be too scared. But I keep thinking about it, you know? Like how everyone would feel after I'm gone and all. Kinda reminds me of that Blink 182 song. X_x;; DuDe, I feel screwed up..

Maybe I'll get over it or something.. Oh well, need to give it time then, I guess.

//I can't live in this world//
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i like saying dude. i like penguins. i like anime. i like making faces like these oO; >_<; ^O^ ^_____________^

okaaaaaaaaaay! I'm sorry to post in such a serious entry such as this...but I was just searching for other cool anime people who like penguins ^O^

and your "bio" is cool ^_^ That is one of my fav poems...

*hugs* I hope things go okay...
DuDe!! You sound so spiffeh! Do you have Aim? If so, my s/n is LolleypopGestapo in case you wanna get in touch with meh ^^;

Yeah... sorry for such a dramatic post too. I had a wikked bad day, more like a bad week, and I need to rant ^_^; I'm aaaaall right now. XD Ok, hope to talk to ya later! Ciao! **huggle/glomp/maul** ^_^_^_^!
Sorry that you feel that way. -pats, gives plushie.- But don't worry, I'm sure things are bound to get better.
Hey! I wanted to comment because I saw you had "anime" listed as an interest. I've just started a message board with a forum dedicated to anime (as well as a bunch of other stuff). I wanted to invite you to register (and post!!). We have about 200 members now, and could always use one more!! :)


whats really going on?? you havent updated in ages and you say you have suicidal thoughts? thats awful!!!! I hope everything is OK.
<3 Monica
Aww, I hope you'll feel a ton better soon! ;_; I'd love to be your friend, and if you ever need one or anything like that, my S/N is SCAngel2001, so feel free to contact me! ^_^ <3 *hugs* So yar, FEEL BETTER! :D
We are borg. We have assimilated this abandoned journal. Resistance is futile. we_r_borg
heeey!!! u sound interesting!! u should really come back to ur lj =D!! and um!! its a little too late for this but..nooooooo!!! dont do it!@ O_O!! *hugs u*
Aw don't feel bad, the future will bring forth better days! Trust me I know!