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Weird Al!

Hehe, Kara and me went to the Weird Al concert yesterday. Waaay too much fun, no daa. It was awesome! XDDD

The opening act was some random evil comedian guy who was not funny. He had something against Maine too. And Florida. I didn't like him. >.>;

And then Weird Al came on! God, he's such a queerball! And a spaz too! XD He came like dancing with his accordian, and we had these die-hard Al fans behind us that were like.. confessing their love for him. It was damn funny =D

Half the songs he did were mosh material O_o;; No kidding! I'm not joking! Hehe, that'd be kinda funny though.. a Weird Al mosh pit. X.x;;

He did all his old skool stuff too! Like Amish Paradise, Just Eat It, Like a Surgeon, and Fat. ^_________^ And he did all the Star Wars songs tooooo!! It was hillarious!

So we had an awesome time and the light show was great and the comedian was kind of a schmuck but Weird Al was the coolest thing since sliced bread. ^_^ So all and all it was wikked good. I reccomend it, definently. ^_~

Oh, and during teh concert he had random little chibi movies playing on this.. like white screen and they were so durn funny!! One was about Germs and You and it was going on acting all paranoid and how germs were coming to kill us. Damn that was fun..

Well dats it... Hope you enjoyed it ^_^ Ciao!
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